Is Your Old Jet Ski Dock Looking a Bit Worse for Wear? Why You Should Upgrade Before Summer

31 August 2021
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Summer is traditionally the time when most people are out and about in Australia. There are a lot of activities to get involved in, sports to play (or watch) and the water is cool and refreshing against the backdrop of the hot sun beating down on everything. That is why most people get their jet skis out of storage and primed for a quick summer take-off, but something that people often forget in their haste is the docks that these jet skis are stored on when in the water.
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Is your motor safe to go on the water?

7 April 2021
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When you are out on the water, it is your boat that keeps you alive. If your boat starts to leak when you are far from land, you could be in serious trouble. Keeping your boat in the best possible condition is the most effective way to avoid problems away from land. A visual inspection can help to identify potential faults at an early stage, but there is more than that you can do.
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Three Fundamental Tips for Managing Your Single-Use Batteries

16 February 2021
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Most of the modern devices used at home and in offices depend on rechargeable batteries. Usually, these batteries come with the specific device and can be used until the service life of the powered product ends. However, there are some devices which still require primary or single-use batteries. These disposable products are beneficial because they are versatile in their application. Also, they can be used in places without reliable electrical supply.
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