Factors to Consider When Planning a Deck for Your Backyard

Factors to Consider When Planning a Deck for Your Backyard

Factors to Consider When Planning a Deck for Your Backyard

10 July 2023
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A deck will greatly enhance the appeal of your backyard. With a firm surface, you can put a table and chairs outside for a late breakfast in the sun. Or you can read while relaxing on a lounge chair. But before imagining all the ways you can use the deck, you have to organise the construction. Here are some relevant factors to think about.

Material Options: Hardwood, Pine, and Composite Decking

You will need to pick a material for the deck. You could opt for one of the hardwood species; each one shows different shades. For example, merbau comes in rich browns, jarrah in dark reds, and blackbutt in light tans. For protection, timber decks require a regular coating of oil or another product, so you should plan for ongoing upkeep.

Another option is treated pine, which is resistant to termites and decay. You can stain the pine to make it different colours. Being lighter than hardwoods, pine is easier to work with, and this can reduce installation costs.

If you don't want to undertake regular upkeep, you could choose composite decking instead. These boards consist of a blend of products like sawdust, fibre cement, and plastic. They come in attractive faux-timber designs and don't need regular finishing.

Council Approvals You May Need

When planning the deck, you should research what permissions you need from the local council. Even if a deck doesn't require planning approval, it must comply with the relevant building codes and be set at least a minimum distance from the property boundary. You can check the specific rules with your council.

Deck builders can usually help with the approval process. They will have been through it many times and know what draught plans and other paperwork are required. You may be able to build the deck within parameters to avoid the need for a permit, which takes time and money. For example, a deck may only need approval if it exceeds a particular size or height. In that case, you might adjust the plan for a smaller or lower construction.

Some councils have regulations regarding deck roofing. For example, it shouldn't be highly reflective, as this may cause discomfort for neighbours. The builders will also investigate whether plumbing pipes or other infrastructure are in the ground. In some cases, the location of the deck may need to be moved to another position, but this will depend on the particular situation.

Contact a decking service provider to learn more.

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