Are You Looking for a New Lawn?

Are You Looking for a New Lawn?

Are You Looking for a New Lawn?

27 January 2022
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Are you considering replacing your lawn? A lawn should be beautiful, a bright green space where you can relax with your friends and family. Sadly, too often a lawn can descend into either a muddy swamp or a dusty wasteland if the lawn is allowed to die or if it is damaged beyond repair. If the lawn is in a poor state, replacing it with fresh turf is the easiest way to get a new lawn quickly.

Keeping your lawn in great condition all year

Any lawn will look good when it is new, but the test of any turf is whether it is still in good condition a few months later when it has been walked on and been exposed to the sun and the rain for a while. Some types of turf appear good at first but lack the resilience to stand up to regular wear and tear from a family. Other types of grass, such as buffalo turf have been developed specifically for the Australian climate.

In Australia, the weather can swing from blazing heat to ice and freezing temperatures within a few months. Laying Buffalo turf that has been designed to withstand these temperature changes can ensure that your lawn looks good throughout the year. It is not so thirsty as some other varieties of turf, and it does well in both the shade and the sun.

What other reasons are there for choosing Buffalo turf?

In addition to its suitability for the climate, Buffalo turf is both soft and resilient. You can let children run across the grass barefoot, confident that nothing sharp will injure their delicate feet. The strong roots of buffalo turf ensure that it can withstand regular use without bald muddy patches appearing on the lawn. It is unlikely to be damaged by big dogs racing madly across the lawn or a back garden gathering of friends and family, making it a good choice for Australian families.

Maintaining Buffalo turf

One of the best reasons for choosing Buffalo turf is that it is a low maintenance option. All grass must be mowed occasionally, and you must trim the edges of the lawn to maintain a neat appearance, but that is all that is involved. Buffalo turf doesn't require additional watering, and its natural disease resistance means that little extra care is needed. If an extended drought does leave your lawn looking dry, you can be confident that a Buffalo turf lawn will rapidly recover as the seasons' change and that it will soon be looking great once again.

Contact a buffalo turf supplier near you to learn more.

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