How to keep your shipping container roof in good condition

How to keep your shipping container roof in good condition

How to keep your shipping container roof in good condition

19 December 2022
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Shipping containers are ideal for storage or for conversion into buildings such as offices or sheds. Your container should be watertight and weatherproof, but if it is to remain in good condition you will need to keep an eye on its roof. This can undergo all sorts of strains from the weather and falling debris. Here are some simple ways to keep your shipping container roof in top condition.

Buy quality

Firstly, make sure your container is in good condition when you buy it. Containers are sold for different purposes and cheaper ones may be more rusted and worn than more expensive ones. Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who will grade the container and give you all the information you need about its condition. You will then be able to select one that is suitable for your needs.

Inspect regularly

Once you have your container, schedule regular inspections of its roof. As containers are tall, you are unlikely to spot any problems from the ground. You may also not notice anything wrong from the inside until it is too late. Have a look for any dents, especially if they are attracting pools of water, and any chipped paint or rust. Any such problems should be fixed as soon as possible, or they will get worse and lead to holes forming in the roof.

Keep weight off

The roof itself is not likely to be very strong and is not suitable for storing heavy items. You will notice that if you walk on the roof it will tend to bend underneath you. This does not matter every now and again, but if you need to put weight on the roof regularly you should consider getting the roof reinforced. Otherwise, you should try to keep people and objects off the roof as much as possible to preserve its structural integrity.

Clear all debris

Finally, you should clear all debris from the roof as soon as you discover it. Think twice about locating the container under a tree, as you could spend a lot of time clearing branches, twigs and leaves from the roof. You should also be on the lookout for rain, snow and ice. Snow can be surprisingly heavy, while rainwater can pool up on the roof and cause corrosion in the metal. You should check the roof after any storm or snowfall and ensure it is completely clear.

Make sure you fix any problems as soon as you detect them, and your shipping container roof will remain intact for as long as you need it. For more information on a shipping container roof, contact a professional near you.

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