Is your motor safe to go on the water?

Is your motor safe to go on the water?

Is your motor safe to go on the water?

7 April 2021
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When you are out on the water, it is your boat that keeps you alive. If your boat starts to leak when you are far from land, you could be in serious trouble. Keeping your boat in the best possible condition is the most effective way to avoid problems away from land. A visual inspection can help to identify potential faults at an early stage, but there is more than that you can do. Regularly washing the hull will highlight any problems and prevent a fibreglass hull from starting to oxidize. Remembering to lubricate any parts of the boat that need it is necessary, but you will also need to look beyond the boat shell. You need to think about the outboard motor as well.

Why does your motor matter?

Most outboard motors are incredibly reliable and shouldn't let you down, but arranging for an outboard motor service is a good way to ensure that the motor in the best condition. A failed outboard motor shouldn't immediately cause your boat to sink, but it could still place you in danger. Without a working motor, you could start to drift away from land. Soon, you could be out of communication range with anyone on the shore. A broken motor could leave you at the mercy of the currents and the weather, drifting aimlessly and awaiting rescue. Instead of taking the risk, it is far better to ensure that the motor is in working order before you get out on the water.  

The value of an outboard motor service

Whether you have a Yamaha motor or some other brand, you must get it inspected and serviced by someone familiar with that type of motor. So if you do have a Yamaha motor, you should get a Yamaha outboard motor service. The mechanic can test the motor against the manufacturer's original specifications to see how it performs. You must check that anyone that you let service the motor has both the appropriate qualifications and an established track record of motor servicing. A trained technician will identify any faults. They will also look for and replace any worn parts which could fail soon.

Is there anything that you can do?

Arranging for a regular outboard motor service is essential, but it's still possible for faults to occur between services. As a responsible boat owner, you must take proper care of your motor, and inspect it every time you use it to ensure that your trip on the water will be as safe as possible.

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