Your Factsheet for Steel Metal: What Do You Want to Know?

Your Factsheet for Steel Metal: What Do You Want to Know?

Your Factsheet for Steel Metal: What Do You Want to Know?

28 July 2020
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Steel is one of the world's most versatile metals. It boasts of many qualities that are unique to its structure and chemical composition. On that note, it only makes sense that steel finds use from the manufacture of heavy construction equipment to loose tools like adjustable spanners. You can also count on steel to suffice for your construction projects. It is ideal for reinforcing concrete platforms and slabs. Moreover, steel makes suitable material for finishing your interior space when used as guardrails, among other fittings.

The big question, however, focuses on the things that make steel stand out. Do you know them? Are you confident you are getting the right material? Find out here.

Stainless Steel Is Quite Soft

Tensile strength is one of the things that will draw you to steel. However, you need to pay attention here because some types of steel fall under soft metals. Such steel is bad at withstanding the extreme tension brought about by heavy loads. For example, stainless steel is not the best for reinforcing concrete slabs. It excels at light-duty applications, such as making the balustrades of a balcony.

Strength Lies in the Carbon Content

When choosing steel elements for your needs, pay significant attention to the carbon content of the material. The carbon content determines the strength and hardness of the steel that you buy. High carbon contents harden the steel and make it suitable for heavy-duty applications. For example, a material used to make the floor of a warehouse should be adequately sturdy. You should rely on it to withstand the traffic moving over it. It is worth noting, however, that the harder steels come with reduced elasticity. You will have a hard time machining and forming them into various shapes.

Achieving Resistance to Corrosion

The ability to stand up to corrosion is essential for any metal that you choose for domestic and commercial applications. Stainless steel is an excellent place to start considering it has a self-correcting layer. The oxide layer regenerates every few days and protects the metal beneath, provided the metal is in an environment that is rich with oxygen. For the non-stainless types of steel, you can still achieve resistance to corrosion using a galvanic coating. The steel is paired with another metal that takes on the role of protecting the steel and keeping it intact.

For more information, contact a steel sales service in your area.

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