Why Natural Perfumes Have Lasted The Test Of Time

Why Natural Perfumes Have Lasted The Test Of Time

Why Natural Perfumes Have Lasted The Test Of Time

27 February 2020
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For many years, most perfumes consisted only of natural ingredients. From plant extracts and natural oils to something known as ambergris, which is only found in sperm whales, there were many things you might find in a perfume back then. Modern natural perfume options are a bit more refined and still remain very popular, even in the face of perfumes made with synthetic chemicals. Here are three reasons why natural perfumes should still be your first choice.

Fewer Allergens

When people have reactions to perfumes, it is often due to the chemical elements that have been added to them to save money by avoiding natural ingredients. These chemicals are harsher and your body is not as familiar with them. Natural perfume does not have this problem, as the things you find in them are all very natural and easy to look up. If you have especially sensitive skin or know that you are allergic to many modern chemicals, you should definitely try natural perfume options. Sometimes people don't even realise there is an alternative and go years without using any perfume at all! Luckily you don't have to put up with that, as there are many options available that use natural ingredients.

Less Overpowering Smell

Sometimes you find a perfume that you really like but just cannot stand how strong it is. With a natural perfume, you rarely, if ever, have this problem. That is because there are very few ingredients in nature that have the longevity and extreme presence that synthetic chemicals do. That is not to say that natural perfumes are weak, but rather that they are more refined and do not fill a room. If you have struggled with the big presence of nonnatural perfumes, try a natural perfume that smells similar to a synthetic one you like.

Uniquely Aging

Something that is not as discussed when it comes to natural perfumes is that they age on your body much differently than a synthetic variety. The natural oils, extracts and resins do not necessarily last for hours and hours; instead, they react with your natural body oils. This means that you may smell quite different at the end of the day, but you will still smell good! Natural perfumes change and adapt to your body's 'ecosystem', so to speak, and you may find a smell that is totally unique to you that no one else will ever be able to replicate.

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