Three Benefits of Floating Docks

Three Benefits of Floating Docks

Three Benefits of Floating Docks

3 June 2019
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Boats have been in use for centuries where they were used for different purposes, ranging from fishing and war machines to means of transportation. However, just like any other property you have, boats should be secured and taken care of. Unlike cars that can be parked anywhere on land, boats float on water, meaning that they could float away to the sea on a windy night, hence the need for docks which are used to secure boats when not in use. There are two types of docks, but the most popular ones are the floating dock. Fixed docks also serve the same purpose but cannot be matched to a floating dock for various reasons. Below are some of the benefits of using floating docks, or jetties.

They are easy to move

Unlike fixed docks which are permanent once installed, floating docks can always be relocated or moved to a safer location during critical periods. Floating docks not only allow you to move them when need be but are also easy to install and use. Their flexibility enables the user to push them further into the lake/ocean during summer when the water level is a bit low or take them out during winter to prevent damage. This also increases their service period and saves you cash on frequent repairs.

Floating docks are self-adjusting

Just like cars, boats are also prone to damage in extreme weather conditions. In this case, floating docks come in handy in protecting the boats from capsizing. Their flexibility and ability to float on the water keep the boat safe and adjust to the fluctuation in water depths. This makes them perfect for places that often flood since both can stay above the water. Besides, floating docks can be used in areas where the water is too deep along the coastline. This is because, unlike fixed docks, they only require cables to hold them.

They are modular

This is quite a huge benefit especially for those that make a living out of it. They are easy to expand and often sold in pieces which mean that you can have whatever size you want at low cost. They can also be assembled like building blocks using connectors, allowing you to configure and shape them in whatever style that suits your boat best. Many people also like to take advantage of this feature to accommodate any boat size, hence not losing any potential customers.

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