Why Painting Your Home's Exterior Before Fall Is a Brilliant Idea

Why Painting Your Home's Exterior Before Fall Is a Brilliant Idea

Why Painting Your Home's Exterior Before Fall Is a Brilliant Idea

31 May 2019
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You can easily change the look of your house's exterior with the right colour sheen. However, when you paint your exterior determines the quality of the results you get. Whether you intend to address the flakes or chips on the exterior walls, or just introduce a fresh look, ensure you do it before fall comes. You may have some valid reasons for painting the exterior of your home during summer, but you won't experience what you would get if you paint it before fall. Exterior house painting shouldn't be done in any season. See why painting the exterior of your home before fall is a great idea:

Poor Paint Quality Is No More

Low temperatures are known to cause poor paint quality in a big way. You won't like the results of the paint you apply during the cold weather, no matter the paint type. Most professional painters apply exterior latex paint when the temperatures are between 50-60 degrees. Although you may apply some latex paint when temperatures are 35 degrees or lower, the paint may not stand for a long time. It's not advisable to paint to your home's exterior during winter since the snow would degrade its quality.

Moderate Weather Is an Idea for Exterior Paint

Warm temperatures work best for the fresh exterior paint you apply. The paint particles can't join together if there is no warmth. Cold weather interferes with the cohesive surface the applied exterior paint should form. Exterior paint can easily experience some serious problems due to temperature fluctuations. Flaking problems and unsightly stains are common after applying fresh paint if it's done at the wrong season. Most competent exterior painters know how unpredictable the weather can be at the end of the year, and that's why they recommend you paint your home's exterior before fall finds you.

Excessive Moisture Leads to Regrettable Flaws

Moisture is a great adversary to the quality paint you apply on your house's exterior. Painting your exterior during cold weather is a big mistake since excess moisture is inevitable. The exterior surface can't be painted before it's fully dry. Ugly water spots will appear if you paint too soon during cool weather. Painting the home's exterior during a summer or spring storm is highly recommended.

Professional painters are always keen on when the exterior should be painted. They always have a sharper eye on the weather forecast to ensure their clients are happy with their painting services. Dew is inevitable during fall due to the cool overnight temperatures, and that's why painting should be done before fall starts. Do you intend to paint your home's exterior any soon? Now you know when it's the most appropriate time to hire house painters to do so.

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