How could you use sheet metal in your company?

How could you use sheet metal in your company?

How could you use sheet metal in your company?

31 May 2019
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Why is sheet metal so widely used in industry? It seems that everything from medical tables, to refrigerators, to toolboxes are being created for companies across the world. Metals as varied as copper, aluminium, steel and even titanium are widely available in sheets varying in thickness, but what else can they be used for, and how might you incorporate them into your next manufacturing project? Here are three ways that sheet metal is being commonly used today — and that you could think about adapting it for your own business needs.

Sheet metal in transport

Whether it is cars, trucks and other road vehicles, or railway wagons and carriages, sheet metal cutting and sheet metal bending and folding can be used to perfectly sculpt the body of a vehicle to whatever shape you want to create. Another form of transport that makes wide use of sheet metal cutting is the airline industry. Aircraft fuselages and wings are normally formed from sheet metal because it is strong while also being lightweight enough to enable the aircraft to easily get off the ground and gain the altitude needed to keep it safely in the air without burning excessive amounts of fuel.

Sheet metal in construction

House building is another area where sheet metal cutting is vital. Whether you want to fashion roofing materials such as guttering pipes to carry off the rainwater, roof flashing, ductwork, or even a protective wall covering material to improve fire resistance, sheet metal is extensively used in many areas of house construction. Sheet metal cutting tools allow a sheet to be cut to the exact shape needed before it arrives on the site allowing rapid placement of each part exactly where it is needed on the site.

Decorative sheet metal

While decoration isn't, perhaps, the first thing that you might associate with sheet metal, that doesn't mean that it can't be done. Laser sheet metal cutting can be used to create some truly beautiful items. These might be particularly attractive versions of practical items such as grills and wall panels, or it could be purely ornamental metal screens or trims.

However you want to use sheet metal cutting, there are a huge number of ways to create products for your company. When it's time for you to develop something new, then talk to your local sheet metal cutting company to find out how easy it is to cut, bend and shape the metal sheet into exactly what you need.


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