Why A Bit Of Tradition Is Good When It Comes To Your Wedding

Why A Bit Of Tradition Is Good When It Comes To Your Wedding

Why A Bit Of Tradition Is Good When It Comes To Your Wedding

30 May 2019
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The world is moving at a rapid pace with technology, communication and information spreading at breakneck speed. This has led to great advances across every aspect of most people's lives and is typically a massive positive. However, some areas of life aren't all about moving forward as much as they are about keeping in tradition with the past. Keeping in contact with your heritage is important in lots of people's identities and not all of the habits are bad. This is especially true of marriage, which is a celebration as old as time and something that most people consider an important milestone in their lives. 

Keep The Foundations

Of course, change in any type of ceremony is natural over time, but going through a radical change all at once can lead to complications, especially if both couples are not on the same page. The foundations of a successful wedding are generally the diamond engagement rings, the white dress, the reception and the wedding cake. They are all important signifiers of continued past that most people have come to expect to be part of a wedding. They are almost like institutions from which people can build their individual wedding. For example, diamond engagement rings are an item that is celebrated as a wonderful show of commitment and of humility that is often lost in 21st century Australia. When people propose with diamond rings, they are connecting themselves to a shared past that is understood and liked by many. 

Build On Top Of The Foundations

It wouldn't feel like your wedding if you didn't personalise it and that is what many people look forward to when they are planning their wedding. Making this special day a reflection of your identity, your passions and your history as a couple is what the day is supposed to be all about. Taking something old, like diamond engagement rings, and making it new by having it put atop a special band with a personal meaning or with a unique shape that no one else will have is one way of keeping in step with tradition but updating it for a modern setting. 

Fuse Old And New

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of the past and a look to the future, which is why it is so important to keep some of both. Traditions are important. They can make everyone feel as if they are part of a great journey that has been going since time began, but in the same regard, building on this tradition is also important so the next generation can differentiate themselves. No one wants to be stuck in the same routine forever but it is impossible to ignore the past everyone comes from. Walking this fine line when planning your wedding can be difficult, but it is a necessary task.

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