Key Variables to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Farm

Key Variables to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Farm

Key Variables to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Farm

28 May 2019
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When it comes to sourcing natural turf for your lawn installation, it is crucial that you choose the best lawn farm. If there are numerous lawn farms in your area, choosing the best one to deliver the turf supplies you need can be a daunting task. 

For the best purchase, consider the following variables:

Grass Varieties Available

Lawn farms that plant a wide variety of grass offer the best buy; this is because you will have the freedom to choose what you want from a selection of grass varieties. 

Before finding out about the available options, do some research on the turf you would want for your lawn. Your local landscaper can advise on the best options based on the soil type and condition of your lawn, as well as your preference and budget. For example, some types of grass require less watering than others. This is something you should consider when determining where to buy your grass.


When it comes to choosing a lawn farm, be sure to consider proximity to your home. This determines critical factors such as the time it will take to deliver your grass, as well as the cost of delivery. 

In addition, the specialists at a lawn farm near you will know the best turf for you based on the local weather and the best turf for lawns in your neighbourhood.

Total Cost Involved

Various factors determine the cost of turf. They include grass species and quality, square footage required, location of the destination -- if delivering -- and extra services that may be required. Before you make a purchase, engage a landscaper or consultant from the lawn farm for size estimates, then get and compare multiple quotations. 

The right lawn farm should be able to provide a free quote based on the mentioned variables. Most importantly, ensure that the total cost involved is within your budget. In most cases, clients forget about the other costs to be incurred after the purchase. For example, they treat the cost of landscaping as the turf purchase only and forget about the cost of labour required to install the turf. 

Ensure all the costs are captured in your estimate to avoid costly surprises later on.

Customer Care Support

Since turf and landscaping is a long-term project, customer care support is critical. This includes allocation of knowledgeable staff during the assessment visits, purchase date and availability after purchase. 

Positive demeanour is a plus. The attending staff should be friendly and helpful -- they should not merely be there to convince you to part with your money, rather guide you through the options available.

Extra Services

Other than the initial purchase, some lawn farms offer extra services either at a discounted fee or for free. These extra services can make your tasks easier, cheaper or faster. The most common include delivery, free seeds for patches and turf layout tips. Though the extra service depends on the size of purchase, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Installing a natural lawn is a big investment, especially if the lawn is expansive. One of the major costs you'll incur is the purchase of the lawn turf. Considering the above factors will get you the best deal and have your lawn all green and installed within your budget.

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