Four reasons fiber cement is better than stucco

Four reasons fiber cement is better than stucco

Four reasons fiber cement is better than stucco

27 May 2019
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If you are building a home, one of the most important aspects is the siding. Fiber cement and stucco are similar, as they are both concrete products. You may be wondering, is fiber cement cladding better than stucco? Here are four reasons why fiber cement could be the better choice for your home:

1. Fiber cement is cheaper than stucco

Homeowners always want to stick to budget when building a new home. One of the greatest advantages that fiber cement has over stucco is that it is cheaper. Although fiber cement cladding is not the cheapest of any siding product -- for instance, it is more expensive than vinyl -- it has a lower cost per pound than stucco. It is also cheaper to install, as it is a more flexible material and can be cut more easily.

2. Fiber cement is more flexible than stucco

Stucco has a justified reputation for being hard and inflexible. However, because fiber cement products are a mixture of cement and wood fibers, they have an advantage over stucco. It is this 10% wood inclusion in the mixture that gives fiber cement its flexibility. Stucco, on the other hand, is typically just made of concrete, making it far less flexible. Because fiber cement is formed in molds it can be created in different textures, making it even more versatile.

3. Fiber cement is more durable than stucco

Just like stucco, fiber cement helps to protect your house from the elements. Why is fiber the better choice?

In a wet or more humid environment, fiber cement is superior to stucco, as stucco tends to crack after being exposed to high levels of rain and moisture. Even though stucco does perform well in drier conditions, fiber cement siding holds up just as well in arid conditions. Fiber cement can move and breathe, meaning it won't crack the same way stucco does. Because fiber cement is so durable, the cost of upkeep and repair to your building will be minimal.

4. Fiber cement looks better than stucco

Stucco cement is solid, but that can also be its downside when it comes to home design. It can have a hard and unwelcoming appearance, whereas fiber cement can look fresher and more modern. Due to its flexibility and ease of molding, fiber cement can be custom made in a greater range of textures than stucco, making it easier to match to different designs.

Fiberglass cement -- including James Hardie products -- are best installed by a professional. If you've decided that fiber cement is the better choice over stucco, give a professional builder a call. 

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