Benefits You Will Enjoy from Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Benefits You Will Enjoy from Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Benefits You Will Enjoy from Palmetto Buffalo Turf

24 May 2019
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The Buffalo turf categories being sold today have different benefits, but they share most of the same features. This is a robust perennial grass that is ideal for pastures, coastal areas and lawns as it creates a densely textured grass blade even when an area is covered by a shade. Here are more benefits that you will get from Palmetto Buffalo turf:

Drought Tolerance

Palmetto Buffalo turf has a drought tolerance feature making it ideal for Australian climate conditions, especially in the winter and in dry and harsh summers. During the hot summer, Palmetto Buffalo turf recovers faster compared to other grasses and will need less water. There are some cities that implement policies about periods of drought, which limit garden watering over the summer. Palmetto Buffalo turf is an awesome candidate for such times — especially during lawn reseeding or when installing a new lawn.

Grows Beautifully

When Palmetto Buffalo turf is planted and maintained properly, it grows tight enough that it can tolerate average foot traffic. It also outgrows weeds and is thus a good consideration if you want to eliminate weeds.

Softer Blades

Palmetto Buffalo turf has softer blades. Actually, it is the softest variety of Buffalo grass and a lot of those who buy it prefer to grow it in areas where pets and kids are going to play. This characteristic will make a great type of grass meant for public parks and spaces where durability and leaf comfort are favoured. In addition to its durability, Palmetto Buffalo turf turns into an attractive colour during the winter and rainy seasons.

Requires Less Mowing

Palmetto Buffalo turf does not need to be mowed so often. Even if it grows on the ground quickly, the upward leaf growth is less compared to other grass types. The primary reason why most people opt for Palmetto Buffalo turf is that it requires a much lower level of maintenance. With the busy schedules and the typical "laziness" attitude most people have, grass that will not need a lot of maintenance will be a go-to choice.


Generally, Palmetto Buffalo turf is cost-effective because it needs a lot less maintenance compared to other species. Since one of its benefits is drought tolerance, it needs less water, you will not require to use a lot of fuel or electricity for your lawn mower, and neither will you use too much water for the lawn itself.

These are the great benefits of Palmetto Buffalo turf and why you should get it for your lawn. Order your Palmetto turf today to get started on your landscaping project.

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